Startups are an important part of the modern economy, startups contribute great innovation & create new job options in the market. We at VDigitalize help startups to grow their business online. In India, most of the startups are based on technology. But when you start a new business & does not have any background of business. It is very difficult for an individual to manage everything on their own. In startup business there are a lot of things which an individual or founder members have to consider. Things like roadmap, branding & copyrighting, trademarking, technology, market, customer service, finance & team development.

We at VDigitalize provide end-to-end solutions to tech startups who are involved in innovative IT solutions or products ideas. We consult in development, marketing, team development & other aspects of the business. We have a team of professionals who will help you get copyrights & trademarks for your startup. In any startup business raising funds in the beginning is a big challenge, at VDigitalize we offer at lowest possible price of our services.

In any startup business no matter what your core domain, there are few things which are similar in all startups today. Things like Marketing, Customer, Technology, Legal, HR, Infrastructure like office & shop. We help you to find the best in these departments. We have tie ups with various vendors in various domains which will help you manage these things. Some startups don't require someone else to manage the other things. Some startups only want someone who can manage their technical part in the business. We have created two startup plans where in the first plan we will offer complete technical & marketing support. And in other plans we will offer complete end-to-end solutions for your business.