The value a mobile app creates and the ability it gives you to engage customers is incredible. Mobile apps are easy to use, facile to navigate, and highly responsive. company offering mobile application development services for iPhone, iPad and Android.

Static Mobile App

Static mobile apps are those applications which host static content. We design & develop static mobile applications on PhoneGap, React Native, Android & iOS. Static mobile applications do not content any API integration & the content can only be changed once. If the content needs to be updated, then we have to release a new version of the app on respective app stores.

Dynamic Mobile App

Dynamic mobile applications are those applications which hosts dynamic content, which has user login and other dynamic features. The content on these applications can be managed via CMS built in PHP or Java. This gives you good control over the application. But we have to plan the dynamic components in the first place. Once components are finalised then we can program the components. If you wish to add new features all together then we have released a new version on the respective app store.

eCommerce Mobile App

eCommerce applications are mobile applications which have payment gateway integration, customer login & other dynamic features. eCommerce applications are purely content driven apps. The most important in the eCommerce application is the layout & core components.

Technologies We Work

There are various technologies which are used to develop mobile applications. Every technology is good, but based on the requirement we have to select the technology platform.


This type of mobile applications can work on both platforms like android & iOS. But this type of application is technically a WebView. Means it is not a native mobile application, it is just an website loading in the mobile app. Or sometimes an static or dynamic HTML design is used to develop the application. Then why is it not recommended for large applications? Because these types of applications are not able to provide the real native experience which you & all others are familiar with. The technical reason is the refresh rate, the screen refresh rate is similar to web browser refresh rate i.e 30/FPS. Therefore UI feels a bit laggy or sometimes feels slow.

React Native

React native is a technology designed by Facebook. On this platform also we can deploy applications on both Android & iOS stores. In React Native the entire application is in Native. That means with react native applications you will never feel laggy or slow User experience. React Native is really good for med size to large sized applications. As it can provide you all the features of native in its core platform.


Developing applications on core android takes a lot more effort. Compared to other hybrid platforms. When we are developing an application on core android then it can be deployed on only one platform i.e Android Play Store.

iOS swift

iOS swift is an native technology designed by Apple. In iOS we can develop truly native applications, but one set of code for one platform.


Flutter is again an hybrid native technology. With flutter we can design attractive mobile apps. With animations and graphics.

Which mobile app development platform is best?

To answer technically hybrid mobile app development platforms are always the best option. If you have very complex functionality & very core level application, then only it is recommended to go with native platforms like android & Swift iOs. In general it all depends upon your requirements. If you want just a simple static application then there is no matter if you can choose whatever platform. But if you want to develop a dynamic & modern app, then hybrid platforms like react, flutter will be best.

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